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The Family Law

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Posted 20 June 2004 - 09:37 AM

Welcome to The Complete Tales, a place like no other. Hopefully you'll enjoy this place as much as we all do. However, for enjoyment there must be restrictions and rules (surely a paradox) so here they are:

1) The Family must know who you are. We tolerate outsiders but we don't trust you. To gain trust you must tell us a bit about yourself. Before posting in a tale you must first create a character. It's very important to create your character as it allows others to know about the alignment, loves and hates of your character and this adds to the tales.

2) You must watch your language, especially when there are ladies around. Please, try to keep bad language to a minimum. This isn't a Scorsese film but by the same token it isnt Bugsy Malone. Try to be original with your insults and don't go overboard on the swearing.

3) The Family looks to members to contribute. Got an idea or a suggestion? Want to put a horses head in Dale Winton's sock drawer? If you have an idea for an Episode, event or Setting then submit it to the submissions folder and see what people think.

4) We only do one job at a time, as it's easier to hide from the police and get an alibi. There will only ever be 1 Episode on the go at any one time (it's too confusing otherwise), unless popularity dictates otherwise.

5) Please check spelling, punctuation and grammar before posting in a episode. The Don don't want to have to be fetching a dictionary just to be able to read a post.

6) If you have a problem with anything or anyone then contact either myself or one of the mods, and we'll ensure they're sleeping with the fishes by noon-fall.

7) Numbers and booze. That's what the family does. We don't run girls (pornography), bootlegging (warez) or anything like that. We also want you to respect your elders and fellow family members so no being insulting and rude for no reason, spamming the board, washing the board, being bored or talking. You never talk. However, breaking knee caps is fine.

8) Guns aren't the only weapon. Meat grinders, garbage vans, evil-monkeys and fish are all valid weapons. It also makes it harder for the fuzz if we don't have a regular M.O. (that's latin folks!) No long winded, boring gun fights devoid of humour. Occasional gun use is okay and if using guns is something your character does then fine, but don't give other characters guns who don't use them and try to keep any gun fights short and/or funny. Long gunfights are about as fun as... well a gun to the head.

9) Enjoy or die!

10) The Godfather is The Don. The Don must sanction all actions. In the end The Don has the final word. All Episodes are started and ended by the Godfather.