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Episode 1: Rumblings in the Bowels of a City

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#26 Konstantine



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Posted 20 June 2004 - 01:29 PM

The thugs had left before Konstance's entry, and by some fluke of a whimsical god, missed both the youths. At least, thats what they had thought right up to the point an unfamiliar voice was heard approaching quickly, calling to his associates. At least, Konstance thought, he wasn't the only one left for dead.

"Come on," he pulled at the twelve-year olds arm, and they stumbled down the corridor towards the shattered doorway to freedom. Half-way down they heard the handle on the door behind them turn, and they ducked inside a nearby room.

There were bodies lying on the pool-room floor, as Vincent discovered, tripping over the body of the staff member who had sadly ended midgame, four down. The thug heard it, and Konstance was torn between helping the fallen child and helping himself.

As the thug turned the corner his eyes scanned the room; the waistcoated guard sprawled on the pool table, the body of a child on the floor and nowhere to hide. Nowhere to hide, that is, except the liquour cabinet on the wall. All that was heard was the tap-tap of his feet as he raeched the cabinet and reached for the handle...

#27 Antonia



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Posted 20 June 2004 - 01:42 PM

"Maybe not such a good idea," Antonia whispered and shrunk a little.

"Aww, look at that nice girl. We could do something with that, eh?" one of the tramps laughed and then coughed.

"Hey! Look, we... we're a bit lost, we're just trying to find our way somewhere," Jorro began to talk, he was now in front of both Serpico and Antonia.

"Glad you could come here," the other one said grabbing him by the arm, Jorro tried to punch back but the tramp grabbed his other arm, "Get 'er Roy."

The first tramp went for Antonia and tried to grab her but Antonia's fear and adrenaline had somehow concocted a very mean attitude.

The tramp lay on the floor whining and holding his hands between his legs.

"Antonia, get Serp and run. Go!" Jorro shouted and tried to kick and wriggle out of the man's arms. He in turn kneed Jorro in the stomach and pain descended on him.

"Oh damn."

Fortunately a pipe on the head of the second tramp gave him a few seconds to scurry away. He grabbed the pipe from Antonia's hands, threw it down and pushed them all to run. Run very fast, with the men now in pursuit.

#28 Stickman of Doom

Stickman of Doom

    Marco Pirello

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Posted 20 June 2004 - 02:03 PM

Marco arrived at Tony's apartment, the door was open, which was unusual, he was usually very careful about such things. Marco walked in, he definitly wasn't there, on the table there was a bag, on it was written "The Man". He looked inside it, there money, quite a bit of money, enough to bribe someone with. Also on the table there was a list of names. Marco recognised the names, the names that ended in Pirello...

He knew instantly what had happened - The Man had bribed Tony into turning against his own 'family'. He didn't why he was so sure, but thinking about it - he recognised Tony's voice - one of the ones that was laughing afterwards.

Also on the table was a Pistol, Marco checked it - it was loaded... he looked around, there was an empty Tommygun-case. That must have been what Tony took.

Then Marco heard a scream from a near-by allyway, it was Antonia's. Through the rain and wind he could hear his siblings shouts and cries, what was going on? He picked up the pistol and went to go and help.

"What are you doing with that?" Said Tony softly, he had blood all over him but still looked neat, no injuries, he had tommy-gun in hands and was standing in the open doorway.

Marco raised the pistol.

"Oh god - the bag? Erm... It's not what it looks-"

Marco shot three times. Then started crying - what if he was wrong, what if he hadn't been involved...

Marco stood still, frozen...

He slowly backed away and sat down on a chair, looking at the body. He decided to stay in the apartment anyway, just for now... he then began to think how was going to dispose of the body...

#29 Scuzz


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Posted 20 June 2004 - 02:22 PM

There I was, in the bathroom when the gunshots started. Muffled through the walls but still definetly gunshots. Screams of men, women and children. What was going on? What could I do? I need to get out of here. But what if they find me? Will they shoot me too? Too many thoughts racing through my mind. Maybe they wont find me here, maybe I just need to wait it out... The window, high above the sink, I see the small letterbox window, probably just large enough for me to squeeze through. I climb onto the toilet and then onto the sink but the window is just out of reach. By this point i'm crying but the footsteps getting closer shut me up. I panic and hide in the corner. The light in the door partially blocked out by shoes.

"We all done here?" a voice says
"Yeah, I just need to go take a leak." comes the reply
"Come on, the wife'll have my food on the table."

The light returns and I exhale although I stay in the corner for 5 minutes. I wait, like the Italian children say "Mama's always come and find you". Silence. Maybe mom is waiting for me outside. I slip out of the door and let it fall behind me. Bang! I jump and let out a yelp. It's just the door. I need to get out of here.

So I did what anyone else would of done. Ran to their mom.
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#30 Jachap


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Posted 20 June 2004 - 04:10 PM

The two men were dressed in long, brown raincoats.  One of them had a pistol in his hand.  He stepped over Vincent and turned to the other man.

"You sure you heard something?"
"Of course I'm sure," said the other, pausing, looming over Vincent.
"Maybe you're just jumpy."
"Christ, Max, I'm not Nervous Mitch.  You keep forgettin' that I'm gonna break your legs."
"Sorry.  It's just a habit you get into, you know, working with someone like that.  Poor old Mitchy, he wasn't a violent man, he just got the shakes.  He'd pop people completely by accident and everyone thought he was a real hard on because of it."
"Not violent?  Max, he took out an entire theatre."
"He triggered the bomb too early, that's all."
"Jesus," said the second man, passing.  

There was tap-tap of footsteps.  

"Goddamn.  You were right."

The second man walked towards the liquor cabinet.

"Gotta be a small guy to get in there," he said, gesturing towards the cabinet with his gun.
"Gotta be a goddamn midget," said the first man.  

Vincent slid a hand over to one of the dead men, propped by the wall, a still smouldering cigar, bitten in half by a reflex clench of the jaw, lying on his chest.  he slipped a hand to the shoulder holster the man had.  There was an automatic there, small, silver and glinting in the moonlight.  It winked at Vincent and he wrapped a hand around it.

"Don't open it," said the first man, "the guy in there could be packin'."
"What?  Like a dwarf with a goddamn pump-action?" said the second man, "Give me a break.  Probably a kid."
"Even so."
"A kid's gonna pop me?  Max, you been workin' with old Mitchy for too damn long."
"Just shoot the cabinet a few times.  Plug it.  Then we see what's inside."
"If it was a goddamn commando dwarf, we'd both be dead already."
"Just plug it.  You never know."
"Jeez.  Waste of good ammo," said the second man, shrugging, he drew back and aiming at the cabinet.  He flicked the safety off.

Squeezed between the port and some cheap sherry, Konstance bit his lip and tasted the blood.  A gunshot.  His heart leapt.

"Aaah, goddamn," said the first man, going down.
Arms jerking wildly with ever shot, Vincent opened fire.  A bullet clipped the second man's arm and he dropped his gun, staggering.  Another hit his thigh and he collapsed.  Others went wide, kicking lumps out of the wall. The first man, who'd been hit in the knee, was getting up.  Vincent aimed frantically and fired.  The bullet scraped a canal up the man's jaw.
"Christ Almighty!" he fell back, hand clawing at the welling blood.

The liquor cabinet opened and Konstance pulled himself out.  

"Come on!" Vincent yelled.

Konstance paused, looked down at the second man and kicked him, as hard as he could, in the eye.

"Jesus!" the second man hissed, rolling over.

"Konstance!" Vincent yelled again, "Come on!"

They ran and Vincent clutched the gun tight.


"What the hell was that?" gasped the first man.
"Is it me," said the second man, "or did that kid lure us in here for the other one?"
"My God this city has gone to hell."

#31 Konstantine



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Posted 20 June 2004 - 04:19 PM

The scream tore the ward, and caused the nurse some concern. Childbirth was never easy, but this just took the biscuit. The woman who had been bought into City X's main hospital had no name, and came from nowhere. And whilst that made a good dramatic background, it played hell with the maternity ward's records.

Another scream, a final scream, and the blood-covered child was pulled away. Despite the proffesionalism of the staff, the mother died.

Later the staff named the child for his eyes, a bright vivid topaz. Perhaps it is ironic, but as the children fled the home of the Fiorelles, another player in the Man's game was born. Scopia, swaddled in the arms of a nurse and covered in his mother's blood, slept and dreamt primal dreams.

#32 TSP


    "The Don"

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Posted 20 June 2004 - 10:46 PM

It wasn't just the children of Mafia families that suffered that night.

Jed Lane was in his home relaxing off duty when he heard the noise outside. Anybody else might have failed to recognise the sound, perhaps put it down to a car backfiring or other background noise, but Jed had heard the sound several times in the line of duty. It was a sound his brain associated with fear. It was the sound of a gunshot, and it was a sound that would change his life.

At first thinking that one of the families had ordered a hit against him because of the arrest of one of their underlings, Jed glanced cautiously out the window to see what was going on. His first thoughts were to protect his wife Theresa and son Dudley who were both in the house. It slowly dawned on him that he'd already failed to protect one of them when he spotted a small body laying on the pavement outside, blood slowly pooling around it.

Jed never worked out why Dudley left the house that night, but the agents of the Man trawling the city that night looking for the escaped kids had seen the figure of the small child and taken the shot, instantly killing Jed's only son.

Jed cradled Dudley's body for five minutes, blood still gushing from the head wound to the child, and silently vowed to get revenge on whoever was responsible for taking his son away from him.

#33 NoWave


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Posted 20 June 2004 - 10:49 PM

Tommy leaned against the wall, a good three blocks away from the mansion now.  Leaning round the corner he spied Antonio and Jorro running down the street and the two drunk hobo's chasing after them.  

Leaning around the corner he shouted to them "This way!" He turn round the corner and started to run back through the alleys.  As he turned the corner he could hear them following him.

He lead them through alleyway after alleyway, knowing them all like the back of his hand.  Finally he was sure that they had lost them.  He slowed down and waited for the others to catch up.  He lighted a cigarette, leaning on the wall.

"Smoke?" he offered them both as they caught up.

They both politely refused.

"Chris and Tony.  They'd stick it in mud if they thought it would riggle.  So, who are you?"

#34 Tichinde


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Posted 21 June 2004 - 11:21 AM

The outskirts of Ocean Peak

The rain beat down like a million individual hammers in the night. He hitched his bag further up onto his shoulder and carried on walking.

He had been able to see the city for a few hours as he had walked. He was finally there.

Oceans Peak.

He dropped his bag, got a cigarette out and lit it, hiding it beneath the brim of his hat.

After all these years.

This was home.

Sirens blared across the city. Seemed like a nice place.

He adjusted his jacket, touched his breast pocket, picked up his bag, and went to find somewhere to eat.

Walker had come home to a place he had never remembered.
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#35 Serpico Pirello

Serpico Pirello

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Posted 21 June 2004 - 06:23 PM

The three Pirello's still together ran to Fat Bennies: well Serpico wasn't running, he was being pushed in a wheel barrow which the tramps seemed to own.

Jorro banged on the door.

A slip of wood slid and a pair of eyes peered down. Cursing was heard behind the door, which opened and Fat Bennie appeared.

"Kids? What are you doing here?"

Serpico shrank back further into the wheel barrow. He didn't like Fat Benny.

#36 Dystopian Rhetoric

Dystopian Rhetoric

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Posted 21 June 2004 - 07:25 PM

Thomas felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Thomas? Thomas Fiorelli? Is that you boy? What are you doing out so late? Where are your parents?"

Thomas looked up to see the kindly face of Mr. Eshkol, a local grocer, looking down on him.

"I... I don't know Mr. Eshkol... there were men... and... and... lots of noise... and we all had to leave... and... and I ran... I was so scared... and..."

"Calm down boy. It'll be alright. Come on, I'll take you to my store, get you some cocoa and a blanket and then we'll pay a visit to your parents in the morning. They must be worried sick."

"But... the men... and my parents..."

"Don't worry. I'm sure you've just got yourself flustered from being lost. It'll be alright."

Thomas stood up, comforted slightly by knowing that there was someone familiar with him, and began to walk with the old man to the little home behind the Greengrocers at 43 Crescent Lane.

#37 Scuzz


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Posted 21 June 2004 - 07:44 PM

Cold and wet, Robert ran through the rain into the night in search of his mother, but to no avail. He was lost here in the large network of the city's streets. So much space, yet he felt so trapped and still sure the men were going to appear again. Even people shutting car doors scared him. He felt as though everyone was after him and he longed to see a familiar face. Robert turned a corner and saw a group of children. Timidly he wandered up and said.

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#38 Janek


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Posted 21 June 2004 - 09:00 PM

The man.. the man had peed on him. But did he know he was there? No, probably not.

What was he doing in the house? J had heard things smashing. There was no sign of his parents. The door still stood open.

He had to go inside and check. But.. no. No, he dared not. What if more men were inside? What if his parents were dead?

Surely not. No, definitely not, they were just busy. And they forgot to lock the door. That's all.

"Forgot to lock the door... forgot to lock the door.." J murmured. He'd have been tired by this time anyway, but now the adrenaline had been and gone.

"..the door. Forgot.." Wet and cold. Disgusted. Terrified. Despite this, J curled into a foetal position under the bush, and slept.
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#39 Antonia



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Posted 21 June 2004 - 09:31 PM

"Hey, Maria, we got the Pirello kids 'ere. Get 'em some towels. They're right soaking from the rain," Benny quickly shouted over his shoulders and hurried the three Pirellos in, "Now then, what will you be doing so late at night, in the rain? You're mother'll be upset. And why's Pico crying!"

Jorro almost began to speak and couldn't find the words. He didn't really know what happened. Serpico just blubbered a little more and Antonia looked down and then began.

"We ran away Uncle Benny... there was-" Jorro interrupted and took over.

"I think they're gone. Mommy and maybe daddy. People came in, they were big, horrible men. I think... we were pushed out into the rain, they told us to run. So we did."

"Oh. Oh. Well damn. It really happened, I was hoping it din't but it did. I tell you what kids, you snuggle up at Uncle Benny's, get dry, have something to eat and try to get to sleep."

The three kids were terrified. And so was Fat Benny for all his worth. If it had happened then these kids had no-one. What's more it wasn't all the Pirello kids, two had got lost. Two he'd have to find out what had happened to.

He sat down in his chair and lit cigarette while Maria dried the children.

#40 Tichinde


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Posted 21 June 2004 - 11:06 PM

"Sometimes I wonder why i bother..."

Walker looked around him. Hobos were huddled in doorways, around flaming cans and trying to hide from the rain.

He could have sworn he saw a group of children run out of an alleyway and into another.

There was the shell of a burnt out car. He prayed this was merely a bad neighbourhood.

He walked past an alley.

A flash of steel caught his eye.

Muggers. What a welcome.

He ducked backwards, grabbing the extended arm. He twisted, felt the reasurring snap of a bone breaking. The attacker cried out and stumbled. Walker let him go and walked on.
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#41 Konstantine



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Posted 22 June 2004 - 08:51 AM

Konstance and Vincent ran out and into the town, without pursuit (neither of the thugs really want to chase a pissed off youth with a gun. Natch). The few attempts at starting a conversation by Konstance went ignored, though at a time like this they were just stuttered alterations to the basic statement of "you shot him; how could you shoot him?".

As the adrenaline began to wane, his thoughts turned to their next move. Luigi's would be the best bet; if his brother's or sister's got out, they would have ended up their. But Vincent didn't like the idea, he said his mother had a place. That would probably be the best bed. he said: family were more reliable than friends. Konstance couldn't decide...

#42 Josh


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 11:09 AM

Later that night, Jorro crept back downstairs, drawn by the sound of voices. He sat in the shadows of the stairwell and listened.

Benny was sitting at the table. In the low light, Jorro couldn't make out who he was talking to; he could just make out a tall man in a fedora hat and a heavy coat.

"I'm tellin' ya, Tony, I don't know nothin'. I swear to you, I'm all for the Man, and you know my Patrons are against the Families as much as you are. I wouldn't hide those mob scum here, not for nothin..."

The man in the shadows, identified as Tony, shifted his weight. Benny paused.

"But Tony... don't ya think it's a bit much?"

Tony remained silent.

"They're just kids, ya know... only the kids left. Surely you don't need to kill the little..."

"I don't make the rules," said Tony, and Jorro blinked. From the voice, Jorro could tell that he was a black man, which was still uncommon in the City. "The Man has given me orders, and I have to fulfill them."

"The Man would not approve of you slaughtering children, or making them watch while you execute their parents!"

"The Man doesn't tell me how to do my job, and I don't tell him how to do his."

"The Man is supposed to be BETTER than the Mob. How can you beat them at their own..."

"You're crossing the line, Benny," Tony cut him off.

"I say what I see, Tony. and I see you slaughterin' kiddies like animals..."

Fast as a snake, Tony whipped his gun out. Benny lept to his feet, putting his hands up. "Ey, Tony! No need for that. I'm just a fat restauranteur, no need to pull iron on me..."

Tony looked at him for a long moment, while Jorro studied his face. There was a long wound down his cheek, puckered and festering; Jorro could see that it would leave a scar, but the man seemed not to care. His dark eyes were emotionless.

Tony slowly holstered his gun, and turned towards the door. "If you hear anything, call me," he called over his shoulder to Tony. "I don't want to have to pay you another visit, Benny; and don't think your fat will save you if you deceive me."

The door slammed closed, and Benny slumped down on his seat, and Jorro slipped back up to his room.

Antonia saw sat up, eyes wide open. "Well?"

"We can't stay here long," said Jorro ruminatively. "We need to make a plan."
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#43 Ednos



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Posted 22 June 2004 - 11:57 AM

Ednos awoke to a warm sensation on his face , he realised that it was a tongue, rough in texture and belonging to a rather large alsation dog. He tried to speak but his throat burned and all he could manage was a splutter. He tried to stand but his legs would not support him , he hauled himself up using the neck of the dog and started to walk , using the dog deeper into the wood.

#44 Tichinde


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 06:52 PM

Walker saw a man leave a restaurant called Benny's. Perhaps the owner would have something he could buy.

He knocked on the door. A man sat at a table with his head in his arms jerked up at the sound.

The man shuffled to the door.

"Benny?" asked the stranger with a smile.

"Benny's not here. Who wants to know?" said the restauranter

"A hungry man. I saw a guy leave and I thought maybe you were still open. Clearly you are not. Do you know anywhere that is? And maybe somewhere I could find a bed? My name is Walker."

"I have nothing I'm afraid but there's a place 2 blocks away that might. It's rough in there though." Benny sighed "It's getting rough everywhere."

"Thankyou." Walker doffed his hat, flicking a fine spray of water behind him. "You take care Benny"

Benny gasped "How did you know? Please do.."

"No one says 'Who wants to know' unless they are the person being looked for. Good night" With a wink, Walker turned and strode away.

Benny sagged against the door frame. Strangers....he'd be chased out or end up in the ocean if he caused trouble. The man would see to that. The man saw to everything.
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#45 Antonia



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Posted 23 June 2004 - 07:25 PM

"Have you finished the note?" Jorro asked pulling the last few items into a bag. A few basic provisions, clothes and so on, things that Fat Benny wouldn't mind them taking. Antonia looked up from the piece of paper she was holding in the moonlight.

"Yes, I jus' can't spell some of the words... I think I can't," she proffered the sheet to Jorro.

"That will do sis. Put it on the desk and get Serpico to get up," he whispered. Antonia got the little boy out of bed and told him they were going to leave. Get somewhere safer where nobody would come looking for them. Serpico asked where.

"I... we don't know yet."

Quitely that night they left, Serpico walking himself for the first time that night. Strangely, this late, Ocean's Peak was so silent that none of them heard any sounds as they ran again.

#46 Josh


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 07:59 PM

"Antonia," hissed Jorro, "we have to go back to the house."

"Are you mad?" she said back. Serpico was sitting on a bench where they could see him, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. His face was glowing a pale white in the moonlight; Jorro hoped he wasn't falling sick. Jus' shock, he thought. Poor Serpi's had quite a night.

There were in Ocean's Park, a pun that the Man's city planners had obviously been proud of. The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon.

"There might be something there that can help us. Money, contacts... we have to go back."

"The place is full of..." Antonia looked around, then lowered her voice. "The place is full of dead bodies, Jorro. Dead..." She broke off, then started sobbing.

Jorro watched her for a moment. He was seeing clearly, now; the shock and fear of the night was wearing off, and although her could see that Antonia was struggling to cope, he desperately wanted her to see things as clearly as he did.

He could have reached out and held her. But perhaps it was better that he didn't.

After a while, when it became clear that Jorro wasn't going to confort her, Antonia stopped crying and looked at the ground, sullenly.

"You know it make sense, Antonia. The Man won't be looking for us there, and we may find things that will help. I tell you what - you and Serpico can wait in the summer house, maybe try and sleep, while I go through the buildings. You'll be safe there."

Antonia looked up briefly, then nodded, and turned and walked back to Serpico. Jorro felt a surge of relief, touched with heady rush of power that he tried to suppress. He was 15, and he felt like he was becoming a man.
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#47 Janek


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 08:10 PM

J opened his eyes, and was vaguely shocked to find he was in a bush.

Then the previous night came back to him, hitting the boy like a tonne of bricks. He crawled out from under the bush, and sat up. The house door was still open. He wanted to go in, but found he couldn't. He just couldn't.

"Curiousity killed the kitty cat.." he said, smiling sadly at recollection of one of his father's sayings. He blinked, the motion freeing a tear, which trickled down his face, and onto the ground.

He began to accept that something might have happened to his parents. Maybe they were at hospital - maybe granma had finally died in her sleep.

J got up, and shut the door of his home. Looking up at the sky, he realised it was approaching dawn. If he was to get to the hospital (or the police station?), he should go and find help now. With purpose and hope renewed, last night's trauma softened by a night of sleep, J began the short trip towards Chinatown.
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#48 Tony



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Posted 24 June 2004 - 10:34 AM

The morning light was pooling across the thick carpet of the bedroom as Jake finished pulling on his uniform.  Glancing briefly out the window the sky was cloudless, and brilliant blue - a fine day in the offing.  Steam was curling gently off the wet rooftops across the street, the nights rain being chased away by the burgeoning morning.

"Morning sweetheart".  Jake turned, a smile playing across his face.  Propped on her elbows and grinning playfully at him, was his sleep-tousled wife.

"Hey there, you." he said fondly, "I got a few minutes before I leave, want me to fetch you something before I go?"

"Mmm, coffee would be great."  Victoria stretched luxuriously, hair tumbling every which way, and long naked limbs twisting through the roiling quilt-cover.  Smiling gently he crossed the room and slipped downstairs.  As he passed Petey's room he glanced in.  Still asleep, he'd probably lay there until Victoria forced him out of bed.

Victoria gazed out of the window at the brightening day, she'd have to get up shortly but right now, the still-warm bed was so comfortable.

"Here gorgeous, one coffee."  Jake placed a steaming mug on the night-stand, sat himself down on the bed and stroked Victoria's hair away from her face.  "I gotta' go, but I'll see you later?"

"Of course"  Jake leant forward and kissed her soft lips, before pulling up and planting a kiss on her forehead and breathing in the sweet scent of her hair.

"Have a great day, baby" he said with a wink, as he picked up his nightstick and slipped from the room.

#49 Janek


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 11:56 AM

Looking up at the sky, J saw the sun had nearly risen fully, with just a hint of purple to the west. The rest of the sky was blue, a beautful (if chilly) morning. He'd never been on the streets on his own at this time of day. He was awed at how quiet it was.

Turning onto the street that would take him to Chinatown's hospital (and to his parents, he hoped), J saw he was not the only person out and about. Four men were up ahead, outside of a teahouse.

A white haired, elderly Chinese man appeared to be in a dispute with the other three, two of whom were also Asian, and wore jackets with a bright picture of a red dragon on the back. These were the most vocal - one of them was shouting, pointing his finger at the man with the white hair. J couldn't make out what they were saying, but they certainly didn't seem happy with the old man; who looked like he was trying to calmly discuss the situation. They were having none of it.

The fourth man had evidently had enough. He stepped forward, in front of the men with the dragon jackets. He was wearing a black suit, and a hat, which concealed his face in shadow - but he did appear to be white. He seemed vaguely familiar to J, who was just about able to catch the end of his sentance.

"...Dragons work with The Man now. Do not provoke them, old man."

The man in the suit turned and walked briskly away, followed by the men in jackets.

J suddenly recognised the teahouse - he and his parents had come here occasionally, and sometimes had tea with the Fiorellis. Fung's Teahouse, was the name. And the old man must be Mr Fung. He was nice, maybe he'd help.

J approached Fung.

"Ex- excuse me sir?"

Fung looked down. "My God! J, what happened?" Though Fung had a feeling he already knew.

"I.. I.. my parents.. They're not at home. I had to.. to run away."

Fung closed his eyes and shook his head sadly. He hated this city sometimes. So brutal.

"Do you.. do you know what happened?"

"They," Fung paused. The truth would hurt. A lot. There are things that a child should never have to understand. "They were.. killed."

J collapsed to the floor, sobbing desperately. The sound was akin to having thousands of tiny needles pricked into Fung's brain, and he immediately hated himself for the lie he was about to tell.

"A car crash. They felt nothing."

Tears also spilling from his eyes, Mr Fung picked up the orphan (with surprising ease for an old man - J wasn't small), and cradled him in his arms.
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Posted 25 June 2004 - 01:26 PM

Walker hadn't slept. He had found room and board right where Benny had told him it would be.

He'd washed, changed and was thinking about breakfast. He wondered if Bennys did breakfast. It had looked like a nice place.

He watched the sun finish rising. So far home had been a surprise. His mentor had told him it was a nice city. Safe, clean. Everything a home should be.

Walker donned his coat and hat and went into the city.
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