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#1 Hey Kidz

Hey Kidz


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Posted 06 February 2005 - 10:30 PM

Pikachu sat on a deformed maroon plastic chair uncomfortably, his elbows propped precariously on the table. Infront of him the wire mesh window obsured slighty the view of the door he was waiting to open. A clink of keys and the warden unlocked the door.

"Mr Pikachu is at that table" he anounced, casually waving his hand in Pikachu's direction.

A man in a red cap and denim sleevless jacket walked towards his table. The peak of the cap obscured the mans face but Pikachu knew very well who it was. He sat down awkwardly on an equally flimsy chair opposite.

"Pikachu!" He said sullenly "How are you coping with this??"

"Ash" Pikachu replied in a cautious tone. After a long pause he continued, in a more urgent tone "I thought you wouldn't come, I thought you believed those lise they said in court! My lawyer said you hadn't returned any of his calls."

"Pikachu..." Ash seemed ashamed "I needed some time to... think." He stopped for a moment "No... I'm not being honest. I entered an amature tournement in Saffron City to take my mind of this."

Pikachu felt renewed strength as he recalled the deep well of shared memories between them "I'm sure you walked it" he smiled warmly "I understand you needed to think about this, but i'm glad you're here now."

Ash stared at Pikachu and his orange jump suit seemed to glow with a new phosphorescence. He stood up and the chair creeked across the floor. He clasped his fingers in his palms and lifted his hand to the air

"Pikachu! I know you could never do those things they said. I don't know how I could have doubted you. You were allways there for me when I needed you and I abandoned you."

Ash glared at Pikachu with intensity. A renewed confidence filled his inky eyes "I believe you when you say you were framed. I intend to do everything in my power to find out who framed you."

"I've spoken to Brock and he agreed to come to the scene of the crime with me. Misty had her doubts but I think I can talk her around. Tommorow we'll set off to the Indigo Plateau!"

Pikachu looked up from his dispare with renewed hope. "Ash, I knew, I knew in my heart that you would help me." his eyes began to water but he held back the emotion . The friends didn't need to say any more. Ash nodded and walked to the door. he couldn't let his friend down.

Who framed pikachu? Will our hero find out? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER TWO

#2 Carlisle Dave

Carlisle Dave

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Posted 22 February 2005 - 08:29 PM

Meanwhile, back in the story

Pikachu lay awake on his bunk, thinking of Jigglypuff and cursing the fact that he had never told her how he felt. Except for that time he told he felt sick and then vomitted over her. He yearned for the day when they could be reunited. Then all he had to do was get Ash and Misty together and then maybe they could share a nice Pokéball in the country somewhere and make lots of little Pikapuffs and Jigglychus.

However, he was awoken from his day dream by a guard banging his stick on the cell door.

"The Govenor wants to see you," said the guard. Pikachu leapt up and dashed out of his cell and up to the Govenor's office.

The Govenor's Office

"Now, look here Inmate 25, you're in for a life sentence,"

Pikachu nodded glumly.

"And you can do the time either the easy way or the hard way. And by the hard way I mean the beaten-constantly-with-sticks-and-having-your-buttocks-slashed-with-razor-blades way. Now, what's it to be? The hard way?"

Pikachu shook his head.

"The easy way?"
"Pika!" screamed Pikachu. He danced slightly.
"Excellent, I knew you'd see sense. And if you hadn't I'd have beaten some sense into you. Now obviously you're going to have do something for me,"

Pikachu nodded.

"Now, you're an electric Pokémon or so I have been led to believe,"

Pikachu nodded.

"Excellent. You see," said the Govenor standing up and walking around his table waving his hand about "the generator that supplies us with the electricity we need to kill people in the Electric chair blew up last night due to gorilla activity - I try telling them not to go near it but will they listen. Stupid apes. Anyway, the point is we've a lot of people who need to be killed but no electricity to kill them with. So you've to report to Death Row immediately to start powering up the chair,"

Pikachu's face fell in horror.

What will happen next? Will Pikachu carry out the job? Will be be bumloved in the showers? Find out in CHAPTER THREE!

#3 Hey Kidz

Hey Kidz


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Posted 25 February 2005 - 06:42 PM

Ash waited impatiently at the airport arrivals. His mind travelled back to his visit to Pikachu in the prison.

"I'll help you Pikachu, that's what friends are for!"

Ash raised a clenched fist to emphisise the point but realised that he wasn't actually there any more and embaressdly put it down.

Then she appeared. Misty. The thing Ash loved most about misty was her hair. The way it was so orange and how it hung in a way that defied the laws of physics. The only thing he feared was her hidden strength, ready to punch him in the face if she caught him gaping at her breasts (It happens in all Japanese cartoons!). Then came Brock behind her. The thing he hated about Brock, apart from his rugged good looks, was the way he carried himself so confidently. Could he be any more smug?

"Hey guys!" Said Ash automatically "I hope you brought your Pokeballs, caus we're gonna get those crooks who framed Pikachu!"

"Hey Ash" said Brock, in such an anoyingly sensible say "How'd you know that Pikachu didn't do it anyway?"

"How could you doubt him Brock. He's my best friend!"

"Yeah Brock." agreed misty, turning flirtaciously to look at Ash "How can you doubt Pikachu after all the times he's helped us defeat Team Rocket?" She pushed Brocks shoulder playfully

"Come on guys, the train for Indigo Plateu is leaving in 20 minutes. We need to hurry!" The three hurried through the anonymous concrete buildings to the muiciple trainstation, coming closer to the centre of the mystery.


#4 Carlisle Dave

Carlisle Dave

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Posted 27 February 2005 - 08:56 PM

Chapter 4 - Warning may contain traces of nuts!

"Okay, now Number 25, if you'll apply the electricty we'll fry this bastard!" said Frank the Executioner. He was a man who loved his job and the many benefits that went with it. Such as a hood.

Pikachu sighed and fired off his electricity attack. Chikorita, who had been arrested and sentenced to death for being a dirty Commie, gave a shriek before swirls appeared in his eyes.

"Okay, Number 25 he's quite dead. You can stop now," Pikachu stopped frying Chikorita. "Now if you'll just help me getting him into this dicer... its body has to be at McPokies by three so they can turn it into Chikorita McNuggets,"

Pikachu helped Frank put the remains of Chikorita into the dicer. Frank pressed a button and the dicing started. Pikachu watched for a second before the sight made him vomit into the dicer.

"Hey!" said Frank angrily "They're not supposed to put the secret sauce on until it reaches the branch!"

Five Minutes Later

Pikachu trudged back to his cell, enduring calls of "Scab!" "Murderer!" and "Clefairy!" as he went. He hated working in the Execution room but at least it meant he spent his time the easy way. He reached his cell and lay down on the bed. He looked up to the ceiling and saw a note, scribbled hastily on it. The note simply read: "I know you are innocent. Don't give up. I'll contact you again shortly. A friend."

Pikachu beamed a huge smile. "Pika!" he cried in joy. He had a friend!

Will Pikachu's mysterious friend become less mysterious? Has Pikachu executed them accidently by mistake? How will the Chikorita McNuggets go down? Find out in CHAPTER FIVE!

#5 Carlisle Dave

Carlisle Dave

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Posted 31 March 2005 - 01:55 PM

Chapter Five

Ash, Brock and Misty sat on the train to the Indigo Plateau, Misty playfully stroking Jigglypuff who was sitting in her lap. Brock ran his hands through his plastic hair whilst Ash wrung his hands, clenching and unclenching his fists. He was grinding his teeth and stamping his feet.

“Give it a rest Ash,” said Brock, leaning back and closing his eyes.
“Shut it Brock! He’s innocent and I’ll prove it!”
“Ash,” said Misty putting her hand on Ash’s knee and giving it a squeeze. “Brock’s right, there are more important things to worry about,”
“What’s more important than my best friend?” said Ash angrily.
“Well what about me?” asked Misty gently.
“What about you?” Ash spat back at her.
“I’m a woman Ash! I have needs!”
“Needs? Like what?”
“Well, for a start you could change your clothes occasionally. In all the years I’ve known you, you’ve just worn the same clothes day in day out,”
“I’d change them but I’ve worn them so long they’ve become fused to my skin and have their own blood supply,”
“Well aside from the clothes what about me Ash? I need you Ash more than anything,” Misty turned away “If some jumped-up rodent with a static electricity problem is more important to you than me, well then…” Misty trailed off. Ash hung his head and knew she was right.
“What do you think Brock?”
“I think, therefore, I am,” replied Brock.
“Oh great, Brock’s been at the Descartes again,” said Ash

The three of them stood up as the train rolled into the station. Jigglypuff gave an excited start. She was delighted that maybe her mistress, Misty and Ash would be getting together. It was what she wanted more than anything in the world, because it was what Misty wanted more than anything. She gave a Jiggly-Roll before jumping back into Misty’s arms.

The doors slid open and the three of them gasped. Before them stood Team Rocket, the villains of villainy.

Will Team Rocket defeat our heroes? Are the not actually there for a fight but just busking and want some spare change? Will Brock discover the works of John “No man is an island” Dunne? Will Misty and Ash get it on? Find out in CHAPTER SIX!

#6 Hey Kidz

Hey Kidz


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Posted 01 April 2005 - 01:16 AM

Chapter Six

"Ha, we heard about what happened to your pesky yellow rat!" whimpered the purple haired James.

"You guys aren't going to get away with this!" Asserted Ash, his fist pumping vigerously

"Ash is right you know." chipped in the ever-knowledgable Brock "You guys NEVER succeed in your evil schemes. Do you remember the time we were on the ship, and you tried to steal all the Pokemon, and then we went to a theme park, and there was a big fish and..."

"Get to the point you very boring man!" demanded Jesse

"...and then you got launched into the air and said that thing you allways say, which escapes me at this moment."

"Looks like its time for Team Rocket to blast off again! AHHHHHH" Suggested Meowth helpfully, in his trademark Brooklyn slur.

"Yes, yes, that's it!"

"Hahahaha!" laughed James camply "That's the genius of the plan you fools! This isn't our evil scheme at all and therefore isn't doomed to failure! Your chirpy jaundiced rodent will be walking down death-row before we can ruin it!"

"Grrrr!" grrrred Ash, growing ever furious "You better tell us what you know before we beat you into three shades of purple!"

"Hehehehehe" Shrieked Jesse "You'll have to catch us first!" And with that, Team Rocket ran fopishly down the road, with our heroes giving persuit.

Will Ash, Brock and Misty catch Team Rocket and show them the back of Brocks hand? Why haven't I written about Pikachu this chapter? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER SEVEN!

Why, I think Team Rocket are terrific villains, in the mould of Dick Dastardly, who I always rout for even though he always loses :(

#7 Carlisle Dave

Carlisle Dave

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Posted 06 April 2005 - 02:48 PM

Chapter Seven

Pikachu woke up the following morning and the first thing he saw was the note, scrawled on the ceiling of his cell. He gave a happy "Pika!" before grabbing his wash bag from the cold, ceramic sink and rushing off to the showers. All he could think about as he turned on the tap and felt the warm water washing his matted fur was the fact that he had a friend. He resolved to find them as soon as possible. Pikachu had completely forgotten about yesterdays unpleasentness and as he rubbed the soap over his body he felt relaxed.

However, the voice behind him made him jump and drop the soap. Pikachu turned around to see the soap slide to a halt against another prisoners foot.

"Aww," he said sarcastically "Looks like the scab has dropped the soap. Here, use mine," the prisoner tossed Pikachu some more soap. Instinctively Pikachu caught it and felt a sudden tear of pain. He looked down into his paw and saw a deep cut in his palm. He looked at the soap - razor blades were embedded in to it.
"Now," said the prisoner "We slash up that nice arse of yours,"

The prisoner drew a cut throat razor and advanced on Pikachu. Pikachu tried to fire off a thunderbolt but the water made him short-circuit. The other prisoners just laughed. However, they weren't laughing seconds later when a flash of blue knocked them all flat on the floor, the prisoners cut throat razor landing in his eye.

Pikachu was pushed out of the shower. He fell down some steps and when he finally halted, wet and soapy, he looked back at who had pushed him. It was Marill. The eyed each other for a second before Pikachu realised this was his friend. The two friends were so happy together that they danced for a bit, as all good friends should, before rushing off to discuss a plan that Marill had.

Will Pikachu's arse get slashed? Will Marill turn out to be a phoney? Will Pikachu and Marill put the plan into action? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER EIGHT!

#8 Hey Kidz

Hey Kidz


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Posted 14 May 2005 - 01:53 PM

Chapter Eight

"hehehehehehehe" shrieked James "Those pipsqueeks will never catch us!"

"Quiet you fool!" Jesse growled angrilly at him, giving James a swift slap accross the top of his head "you'll jinx it!"


"Where'd they go?" asked Ash vacantly, pratically standing there dribbling and saying 'duur'

"Well, if my patented inept villain detector is working properly, then they should be in that direction." said Brock, pointing in the direction of a stall selling vauge oriental-looking food.

"Oh Brock, you're so clever. how do you find the time to invent such ingenious contraptions?"  Misty replied, looking away from the direction of the useless Ash, who stood there growing furiously jealous inside.

A while later, Team Rocket stood at the end of an alleyway, sat around playing cards and talking.

*huff puff huff puff*

"We got you Team Rocket! There's no escape!" commanded Ash magnificently

"Oh Jesse, I told you we shouldn't hide in this dead-end alleyway." accused a terrified James.

"Quiet you fool!" said retorted. Jesse never taking responcibility for anything was a problem in their relationship.

"shut up! shut up shut up shut up!" shoulted Ash. "This is MY chance to look impressive infront of Misty now! GO BULBASAUR!"

Ash lobbed a pokeball at the feet of Teamrocket. A flash, and Ash's third favourite Pokemon, Bulbasaur appearead.


"Oh no!" said James, his voice cracking. "Go Koffing!!"

Will team Ash beat team Rocket? Will Ash's Bulbasaur impress Misty? What is Team Rockets big secret? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER NINE

#9 Inflammable Jim

Inflammable Jim

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Posted 15 May 2005 - 10:24 AM

Chapter 9

"Bulbasaur!" Screamed Ash, "Whip them into shape! Use Vine whip!"

Ash thought this was a very good play on words

"BULBA BULBA" cried Bulbasaur, launching himself into the battle in slow motion.

"Get them now, you fool" said Jesse, slapping James about the face with a kipper

"I can't! It's turn-based combat"

Brock, who until then had just stood there trying to look tough, suddenly had a realisation. "Look out, Team Rocket ahead!"

Bulbasaur extended two snaking, whipping vines from his back, wrapping up Koffing. Koffing remained bafflingly philosophical about the whole thing.

"Koffing" he exclaimed morosely. "Koffing"

James decided to take action "Koffing, sludge attack!"

Koffing looked at James, then at Bulbasaur, and sighed. Why did it always come to this? Wasn't there a better way?

Will Koffing fight like he's supposed to? Will Ash emerge victorious? Will Jesse and James resolve their differences and open a fish and chip shop in Woking? Find out in Chapter ten
You know...we lost the first battle of the Chesapeake because of a mysterious...treacherous...Ankylosaurus

#10 Josh


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Posted 15 May 2005 - 10:49 AM

Chapter Ten

Meanwhile, Pikachu and Marill were hard at work on their rehabilitation work programme. Because they were such good inmates, the warder, Machop, had given them the herb garden, whereas the Onix (who was in for violent assault and rape, and had a bad attitude) had been sentenced to breaking Geodudes.

"Marill, Marill," said Marill, happily spraying water on the herbs.

"PIKA!" Pikachu fried a carrot with a thousand-megawatt blast of Lightning. Marill looked sad, and Pikachu started to cry; he'd never been much good at gardening.

But! The thunder bolt had speared a passing Fearow, which fell to the ground, stunned. Suddenly bold, Pikachu jumped onto the Fearow's back, beckoning Marill after him. Marill brought the Fearow back to its senses with a quick blast of water; the Fearow, feeling two stange bodies on its back, began to fly...

"Pika!" said Pikachu as they soared over the walls. But as they did, they saw one of the guards look up and see them. The alarm was sounded! Marill looked back... From the tower, three dark silhouttes emerged. The prison's emergency Charizards had been released.

Will Pikachu and Marill escape? Will Ash be reunited with his best friend? Will Marill come to love Pikachu despite his violent and possibly wife-beating ways? Find out in Chapter Eleven!
George Alagiaaaaaaargh: I lost my pecker in the siege :(

#11 Masked Dave

Masked Dave

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Posted 16 May 2005 - 12:03 PM

Chapter Eleven

The wild Fearow squawked as a warning Fire Blast flew past his wing, singeing his feathers slightly. Turning into a powerful dive, Marill was flung over Pikachu's head who just managed to get a tiny paw wrapped around his little buddy's springy tail. Cheeks crackling with electricity he said "Pika!" threateningly into the Fearow's ear, who started to rise again. Allowing Pikachu to flip Marill back onto the Fearow's back. The little blue pokemon clung tight to the Fearow's feathers and closed his eyes tight.

The Charizards, who had been thrown off initally by the Fearow's irratic and much more agile flying, were catching up again, and powerful Fire Blasts filled the sky. Pikachu wanted to just let loose with a Thunder attack, but he didn't want to risk downing the Fearow again, let alone risk hurting Marill, who as a water-type was incredibly vunerable to electricity.

"Pika!" that was it! Maril was a water-type!

Turning to his friend Pikachu could see that he was terrified but he knew this was their only choice.

"Pika, pik-a pik," he said softly, placing a paw on Maril's back, "Pika!"

Marill opened his eyes and looked up into Pikachu's soft, innocent face. He couldn't let him down.

"MARILL!" he said dramatically and jumped to his feet, causing the Fearow to squawk in pain. Giving Pikachu a hug he turned and stood on the Fearow's tail and stared at the three giant fire pokemon persuing them.

He was lucky, although he hadn't felt it at the time, that a large butch Blastoise had taken a shine to him in the clink and taught him a very powerful move that a guy like him wouldn't normally know, just in case.

Swelling up his cheeks he felt the energy growing inside him and then fired out a huge glowing beam of pure water energy. Pikachu fell onto his bum in shock, a Hydrobeam attack! He would never have guessed that his little friend would know something like that.

The glowing beam passed over each of the Charizards in turn, blasting them each with so much energy that they jerked to a stop in mid-air and then plumetted groundwards. When he was finished Marill fell backwards, exhausted. Pikachu rushed to his side and hugged him tightly, Marill could only smile weakily. He couldn't believe it, he'd taken out three fully grown Charizards with a single attack!

Suddenly glowing balls appeared around him, only one or two at first but much more started appearing, surrounding Marill in a blinding glow, Pikachu had to stand back and shield his eyes. Peeking between his fingers he gasped in shock as he saw Marill's silhouette slowly start to change shape.

"It's amazing how deep we had to drill to find our key difference,
but it seems that whilst I am Amazing you are Ultimate."- Lu

#12 Hey Kidz

Hey Kidz


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Posted 16 May 2005 - 04:19 PM

Must you allways call me names Josh?

Chapter Twelve


As James commanded, Koffing leaked his grimy load unto the battlefield.

"BULBA *cough* BULBA *cough cough* BULBASAUR" said bulbasaur in a gravelly voice

"Oh Ash! Why do you let him smoke all those cigarettes?" said a self-rightious misty

"I compromise! He asks for Cigars! Anyway, it's Koffings attack that's doing that." he replied

"hmmph, you just can't afford cigars. now do something!"

"I know, Bulbasaur, use your vine whirl. That should blow the smoke away!"

At this, bulbasaur gathered his vines up and spun them around but the only effect this had was to billow smoke into the face of Ash and his friends.

"Well this sure is a LOW VISIBILITY situation, eh guys?" joked Brock.

"I don't get it." said a blank-faced Misty

On the other side of the battlefield teamrocket were in jubulent mood.

"Ha, that'll teach those pip-squeaks for making us into the biggest failures ever, time and time again!" screeches James

"We should get out of here before the inevitable happens and they turn defeat into victory" suggested Meowth.

"No, no! This time I have a feeling we're goign to win." said Jesse, stopping his escape with her fist.

At that moment a rumbling sound was heard and a huge lorry trundled past the short alleyway at an awesome speed having the effect of blowing all of koffings smokey attack away from Bulbasaur and into the face of teamrocket.

"haha, we've got them. Go team!" shouted Ash.

"Woo!" whooped Misty.

What will team rocket reveal to Ash and the gang? Will Ash buy Bulbasaur some fine Cuban cigars? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER THIRTEEN

See, none of the promised things were found out in chapter twelve and order is restored :D

#13 Carlisle Dave

Carlisle Dave

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Posted 19 May 2005 - 07:47 PM

Chapter Thirteen

Pikachu looked on in horror. He knew what was happening to his friend. He know he was evolving but he also knew that, deep down, once Marill had changed he wouldn't be the same. He wouldn't be the same care free, fun loving water Pokémon that Pikachu had grown to know and love. Afterall they'd been through together to lose the one person who had stood by him, his friend, was too much for Pikachu to contemplate. He looked down at Marill. He saw Marill's face begging Pikachu to do something.

"PIKA!" yelled Pikachu. Having long decided himself that he was going to evolve into Richu he know hoped to give someone else the same privilege. People were always telling him, thought Pikachu, that he had to evolve, that he had to become more powerful. But Pikachu didn't believe them. He wanted to be himself and his weaknesses made him who he was. He was happy being who he was. He charged up a massive ball of lightening and zapped Marill.

"MARILLLLLLLLL!" screamed Marill in pain. Pikachu tried to ignore the scream and the tears rolling down his face. He zapped Marill again. He stopped and began to pant.

"Pika?" he asked. Marill had stopped glowing. He was his old self again.
"Marill," replied Marill weakly.
"Pika," said Pikachu tenderly and he really meant it.

Unfortunately, whilst this rather touching scene was going on the Fearow that they had been riding on had burst into flames, mainly due to Pikachu's lightening but also due to the fact that it was filled with highly flammable stuffing. It plummetted down into a forest, Pikachu and a very weak Marill still on it's back.

Will Marill and Pikachu survive the fall? Will Pikachu be able to save Marill's life? Will the Consumer Watchdog Agency be notified about the highly flammable nature of Fearows? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER FOURTEEN!!

#14 Hey Kidz

Hey Kidz


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Posted 21 May 2005 - 11:39 AM

Chapter Fourteen

*splutter cough cough splutter*

James hung his head in shame, looking dissapointedly at Koffing who had let him down once again.

"Koffing, why are you so useless?" James stamped up and down on the ground.

At that moment, Bulbasaur, in a fit of bloodlust launched a final attack at team rocket.

"Bulbasaur, No! We wont be able to find out why Pikachu has been framed if you do that..."

but it was too late, team rocket had been launched into the air.

"It looks like its time for Team Rocket to blast off again." shouted the slowly dissapearing voice of meowth.

"Bulbasaur..." sighed Ash "No tobacco for you today!"

"Bulba." mourned Bulbasaur

Misty, staring dumbfounded at where Team Rocket had been stood then saw a singed note floating down from the sky. She walked over to pick it up, wafting it lightly to put out the last embers, wondering how it had gotten burnt in the first place.

"Look at this Ash, it looks like Team Rocket dropped it." she said, handing him the note.

Ash read aloud:

Dear Meowth
The plan is going ahead as... planed.
I have planted the evidence to frame Pikachu
All that remains for you to do is to stop his friends
finding out the truth.

Lots of love, J. xxx

Above the note was the header:

Pokecentre notepaper, property of Vermillion City Pokecentre, 1372 Squirtle Crecent

"The plot thickens!" muttered Brock, nibbling the end of Bulbasaur's confiscated pipe.


#15 Carlisle Dave

Carlisle Dave

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Posted 30 May 2005 - 08:33 PM

Chapter Fifteen - The Erotic Awakening of Pikachu

Groggily Pikachu opened his eyes. It had started to rain and he had to shield his eyes with his paw. The crash landing had been hard, or rather, the ground had. He rolled over and looked over at his two companions. Fearow was dead - burnt to a crisp and his neck broken. Marril was lying next to him, soaking wet but still breathing. He looked awful. Pikachu could tell unless he took him to a Pokédoc that Marril wouldn't survive much longer. Pulling himself to his feet Pikachu picked up Marril and looked around.

In a rather large coincidence, Pikachu and Marril had managed to land right next to a sign post, directing them to the nearest city. In an even bigger coincidence, this just happened to be Vermillion City. Pikachu, his friend in his arms, set off towards the city.

However, they hadn't gone more than a few paces (well Marril hadn't gone any as he was being carried but that's beside the point) when they heard a voice from the woods.

"Hur, hur, hur," said the husky, dirty voice.

Pikachu stopped, his eyes bulgin with fear. He knew who the voice belonged to. All Pokémon knew who that voice belonged to.

The Poképerv stepped out of the forest and on to the road.

"Hur, hur, hur," he laughed "I, J. King, the Poképerv want you!" He grinned.
"Pika!" cried Pikachu in terror. All Pokémon were warned about the Poképerv, a dirty old man who lived in the woods, who trapped innocent Pokémon and then used them to tempt innocent young boys to his shack in the woods. "Pika!" cried Pikachu, charging up a lightning bolt. However, he had no time to fire it off, as the Poképerv used his snaggling skills and threw a Pokéball at Pikachu capturing him and Marril.
"Hur, hur, hur,"

Unfortunately for Pikachu, Pokéballs aren't like the TARDIS, being the same size on the inside as they are on the out. As Pikachu tried to remove his leg from his nose in the Pokéball, the Poképerv moved slowly back into the forest.

Will Pikachu and Marril escape the clutches of the Poképerv? Will he have his wicked way with them? Will Pikachu require regressional hypnotherapy to be able to recall his experiences sufficiently to help the police convict the Poképerv should they catch him? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER SIXTEEN!

#16 Inflammable Jim

Inflammable Jim

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Posted 01 June 2005 - 09:30 PM

Chapter Sixteen

Meanwhile, on the road to Vermillion City
Ash was running alongside Brock, with a few of the more health-concious pokémon kept up a steady jog/slither/glump. Misty was riding a bike. Oh how they loathed her.
Suddenly, Brock stopped.
"Danger!" he said, pointing forward and choking as he inhaled Bulbasaur's pipe.

A passing Sandshrew considered this an excellent time to ambush.
"If Pikachu were here, we could fail horribly trying to shock this creature, you know" said Ash, wistfully.
"Just SHUT UP!" Screamed Misty. "This whole thing is tediously formulaic. I'm going to kick the crap out of this little runt and no-ones going to stop me!"
"Use the weakest water-based attack you have, horsea!"
There was the sound of a sandshrew fainting.
"Ha! Now, capture time!" Misty threw a pokéball, capturing the unfortunate creature in its tiny prison.

"Misty, this is a touch sadistic" said Brock between bouts of coughing

Misty just looked forward with darkened eyes. "mwuha...mwuhahahhahaha!"

"Oh God, she's turned to the dark side!" shouted Ash

Will the crossover between movie and cartoon never end? Will Ash think of something interesting to do? Will the adventure ever end? Find out in chapter seventeen
You know...we lost the first battle of the Chesapeake because of a mysterious...treacherous...Ankylosaurus

#17 Carlisle Dave

Carlisle Dave

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 03:30 PM

Chapter Seventeen

The Poképerv tossed the Pokéball down into his basement. Witha flash Pikachu emerged, as did Maril who lay semi-concious on the floor. From the top of the stairs, silhouetted in the doorway, the Poképerv sneered.

"I'll be back for you soon enough," he said to the two friends.
"PIKA!" cried Pikachu, firing off a lightning bolt. It hit the Poképerv but seemed to have no effect. Pikachu launched another one and a third, both with the same result. The Poképerv started to laugh.
"Ha ha! And to think they said I was too old to be wetting my pants. My rubber trousers save the day again!"

He slammed the door shut with a cackle. Pikachu turned to Maril and stroked him affectionately. However he gave a start when a shaped moved in the darkness under the stairs (which was even darker than the darkness in the room in general) and a low growl eminated from the general direction. Pikachu took guard.

What is the mysterious shape in the darkness making growling sounds? Has the Blair Witch returned? Is it a small child armed with a trowel? Why was this such a short chapter? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER EIGHTEEN!

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Chapter Eighteen

After Misty having captured Sandshrew, the gang continued towards their inevitable goal in Vermillion City.

"So, who'd you think that letter is from?" queried Brock to theothers, placing the palms of his hands on the back of his head as they walked along.

"I don't know" mused Ash "Maybe the J stands for Juvanille offender. Perhaps the writer wants to mask they're criminal record!" he exclaimed

"Don't be stupid Ash" sighed Misty "Maybe J stands for Japanese Pervert, y'know like the Pokeperv"

"I thought he was in Prison" replied Ash

"I know guys!" said Brock suddenly "Maybe it's a Pokemon, like Jinx or the second name of a Pokemon like Charizard Jones?"

"You're forgetting that it's written on Pokecentre notepaper, it could be Nurse Joy!" piped in Misty

"How dare you slander my love!" Sobbed Brock into his hands

Will they ever find out who wrote the note? Will Brock stop blubbering like a ladyboy and find some balls? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER NINTEEN!

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Chapter Nintendoteen

Pikachu crouched down over Maril to protect him. The groan came closer and into the light. Pikachu relaxed. It was a pink Care Bear, a heart on its chest. It was old, worn and had chains around its wrist.

"Please," said the Bear, whose name was possible Sir Lovealot or something equally sickening "You must flee. He will destroy you,"
"Pika!" cried Pikachu, pointing at Maril.
"Oh yes," said the Sir Lovealot "I see you have a lot of love inside you. I did too, once. Now..."

Sir Lovealot touched it's chest. The heart on it merely glowed slightly.

"He destroyed me. All the love I had inside is gone."
"Pika pik!" shouted Pikachu, pointing from himself to Sir Lovealot and then to Maril.
"No," replied the bear, scratching its face with its claws, causing blood to flow. It didn't seem to care.

Suddenly there was a bang at the door. It was the PokéPerv, back for some perversion.

The bear looked at Pikachu.

"I'm sorry," it said, blood mingling with the tears that had started to flow. "I... I just..." It started to climb the stairs out. The PokéPerv was trying to find a key to the door. "I just can't..." Pikachu now saw that the chain was around the bears neck. It attached one end to a hook. It looked at Pikachu "I'm sorry," it said before leaping off the stairs. There was a sickening crack.

Then the door opened and the PokéPerv walked in.

Will the PokéPerv pervert Pikachu and Maril? Will they find a way to escape? What was Sir Lovealots real name? Can this story get anymore disturbing? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER TWENTY!

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Chapter Twenty

Meanwhile, in another place away from there perverstions of all things pure, the Poke-team continued on their journey and at last seemed to reach the outskirts of Vermillion city.

"Now where's the local Inn, guys?" asked Brock "I'm sure beat."

"Yeah, and I need to stock up on Pokeballs at the Pokeshop" said Misty

"Well I heard that you can get Pokeballs halfprice at Pokemon Pete's Danerously Discounted Poke-emporium and merchandise" stated Brock with authority

"Yes, but they're dangerously discounted for a reason! His health potions only heal 10 hitpoints, and his Pokeballs can crush the bones of larger Pokemon, like a Rychu or something." replied Misty, waving away Brock's suggestion

At that moment, a short man in an oversized mac appeared infront of them from behind the corner of a filthy bar.

"Do y' want to buy any Magikarp?" he asked, pulling out the side of his coat, revealing inside it three rows of limply flailing Magicarp "Only 10 gold pieces each" he continued

"Hey, don't try to rip us off" yelled Ash, fist pumping in fury "We're not rookie trainers. How dare you!"

"Hey, don't get like that" he replied "I just thought you might have liked one for you ornamental karp pond" he shrugged, before walking off into the city again

"Ash, you upset him. How could you?" said Misty teasingly

"Hmmph" fumed Ash

"Hey guys, I see the Poke-centre that note was written on in the distance. Lets head out"

Will the team reach the pokecentre without being accosted by more ornamental carp salesment? Will Misty and Brock reveal their secret passions for Ash? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER TWENTY ONE!

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Chapter Twenty-One

The Poképerv walked heavily down the stairs, ignoring the hanging corpse of Sir Lovealot. His cowboy boots clinked on the stairs, each clink sending a shiver down Pikachu's spine. He laughed manically as Pikachu backed away, standing guard over Maril.

"Ha ha! This ones still poorly?" asked the Poképerv with an evil grin on his face "Well I better have my wicked way with him first then hadn't I?"

He swung his fist and sent Pikachu flying into the wall. "Stay in the corner!" ordered the Poképerv, looking at Pikachu with evil in his eyes. Pikachu turned away, unable to look at what was going to happen to his friend. However, then he heard a sound that filled him with hope. The sound of a zip and trousers being pulled down.

Pikachu turned around with his eyes closed - he had hope but he didn't want to see what was happening. He charged up a lightening bolt. The Poképerv had obviously heard him because he started to laugh.

"Ha ha! You really are stupid! My rubber pants will protect me! Oh crap..."

Pikachu let off his biggest lightening bolt ever, sending the Poképerv back against the wall and melting his rubber pants to his ankles. Stars appeared in his eyes and he was dead. Pikachu rushed over to Maril to check he was alright. Luckily he was.

"Pika!" cried Pikachu and did a happy dance. Now he just had to get Maril better and find Ash and find who had framed him and then deliver hard justice to them. He decided he had better make a list.


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Chapter Twenty Two

Ash, Misty and Brock arrived at the Pokécenter, having survived the horrors of Vermillion City's streets. The only casualty was Brock who had been tempted into swapping his beans for some magic cows, having got the fairy tale arse-about-face, and who was now discovering that magic cows weren't all the were cracked up to be - for a start the bean stalks growing out of their backs kept getting caught on power lines and now he was down to his last one. However, the sight of Nurse Joy cheered him up.

"Joy!" he cried before noticing that Team Rocket were also here. "Oh, Jesse, James," he said with a nod.
"TEAM ROCKET!" they cried and punched the air. Ash let out a sigh. He was missing Pikachu and these two were the last people that he wanted to see.
"Hello Ash, Misty, Brock!" said Nurse Joy, causing Brock to turn a bright scarlet "Have you heard the news?"
"News? What news?" asked Misty, putting Jigglypuff and Psyduck down on the floor. The two toddled off somewhere.
"The Poképerv! He's finally been caught!" said Joy dancing around.
"Excellent!" said Misty, punching the air.
"Plus, the police rescued a Pikachu and a Marril and are bringing them here!"
"Pikachu?!" cried Ash with delight.
"No!" screamed Jesse and James together "It can't be!"

Misty and Brock smiled at Ash, happy for him, happy to see him happy. Jesse and James slunk out of the building muttering something under their breath. Nurse Joy retreated into the back of the Pokécentre to prepare somethings. Excitedly Ash began to talk about what he'd do when the person he loved more than anyone in the world returned to him.


The phone was answered.

"Hello? You've sent a rapid dispatch team with a note? For me?"

A note was slid under the door.

"Thank you,"

The phone was put down. The note was picked up and read.

"The plan is failing. Pikachu returns once more. He must not be reunited with the idiot Ash. See to it. J"

Who is the mysterious J? Who is the mysterious recipient of the mysterious note from the mysterious J? FIND OUT IN THE MYSTERIOUS CHAPTER TWENTY THREE!

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Chapter Twenty Three

The rain had started to fall and it hard started to fall fast. Night had fallen on the road to Vermillion City. The full moon and flashes of lightening illuminated the police van that was transporting Pikachu and Marril to the city. The road had turned from solid dirt track into a squelching, flowing messy mass of mud.

"Can't wait to get back to the city!" said one of the officers, named Dan.
"You're right there Officer Dan," replied Officer Kieth "I can't wait to my wife again,"

Up ahead the moonlight glinted off a lense but neither of the officers noticed. In the back of the truck Pikachu stroked Marril's forehead and looked at the wall, longing to arrive and wanted to be with Ash. As he looked, moon-light passed through the hole in the wall where the bullet penetrated the van. Then the screams from the front of the van.

"Officer down! Officer down!"

Pikachu looked up and tried to find somewhere or something to help him


Hitman Chan put down the rifle and advanced on the stricken police van. He pulled out an automatic pistol and shot the two officers. He walked round the back of the van and ripped open the doors, expecting to find Pikachu and Marril. All he found was an empty bed and medical equipment.

Where have Pikachu and Marril gone? Will Hitman Chan find them and put a 9mm hollow point bullet in each of their heads? Will Pikachu and Marril escape and make it to Vermillion City for a reunion with Ash? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR!

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Chapter Twenty Four

At the Pokécentre, everything was being made ready for the arrival of Pikachu and Marril. Nurse Joy had brought some blankets from her bed, which Brock was sniffing appreciatively. Jigglypuff and Psi-duck had made a "Welcome" banner and Misty had made choco for everyone.

Ash sat in a corner, a smile fixed on his face like a giant white pasty. He took his cap off and ran his hand through his hair. Finally Pikachu was coming back to him. Once that happened they could start working out who framed him.

"Choco Ash?" asked Misty walking over to him, a mug in each hand.
"Thanks," replied Ash, taking one of the mugs and giving the hot liquid inside a cooling blow. He took a sip, which burnt his tongue. "This is great choco,"
"You think so?" said Misty, delighted.
"Yeah, I do," replied Ash "You know Misty, pretty much everything you do is great,"

Misty blushed as Ash took another sip. He was so happy that Pikachu would be coming back that he'd lost his inhibitions; lost the awkward embarresment that had stopped anything happening between him and Misty before.

"Thanks Ash," she replied squeezing his hand gently. "I think you're pretty great too,"
"You do?" asked Ash "I always thought you thought I was a clutz, immature, that sort of thing."
"Ash," said Misty calmly picking up Jigglypuff who had wondered over to her "I've never thought that about you. Well, maybe I thought you were immature when you kept pulling down Brock's trousers, and maybe even a little gay, but I've always... always... I've always..."

Misty stammered on the final word she wanted to say. How could it be so hard to tell Ash how she felt. In her hands Jigglypuff purred and closed her eyes.

"I know Misty," replied Ash, turning his face away. "I've... always felt..."

However, Ash wasn't able to finish the sentence. At that moment a burly police man rushed into the Pokécentre.

"Oh boy-howdy!" he exclaimed "It sure is terrible!"
"What is?" asked Nurse Joy. The policeman's arrival had everyone's attention - even Brock had looked up from the sheet he was sniffing.
"There's been a shooting on the old forest road. That police escort that was bringing the two Pokémon here,"
"Pikachu!" cried Ash leaping up "Is Pikachu okay?"
"Don't know son," replied the policeman "No Pokémon were found at the scene. Anyway, I've got to be going. There's a murderer on the loose,"
"Ah, off out to catch him officer?" said Brock with admiration.
"Not likely! I want to get home before he has a chance to get here!"

With that the policeman left, leaving everyone shell shocked (especially Squirtle who had been playing with an electrical socket).


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Chapter Twenty Five

Hitman Chan cursed to himself as he climbed into back of the police van. He turned over blankets and threw medical equipments at the wall. How could he have left his quarry evade him? Especially as it was a large surface excavation for the extraction of stone and had a specific, never changing geographical location. He decided there and then that he was going to have to learn how to read a map. However, before he could write it down he fell forward with a lurch as the van started moving.

Standing up, he looked through a small wire grill into the drivers cabin. In there, standing on the unconcious form of Marril, was Pikachu driving the van, the dead body of one of the policemen pressing down on the accelerator.

"Clever girl!" said Chan in awe.
"Pika!" cried Pikachu angrily - he wasn't a girl.


Further on down the road, on the outskirts of Vermillion City was a police checkpoint. The two officers lazed against the barrier, smoking. They heard the van before they saw it.

"Van coming,"
"Stop it?"
"Sure, why not?"
"Don't look like it's stopping,"
"It'll stop for us,"
"We have flourescent tabards,"

However, Pikachu couldn't stop even though he desperately wanted to to compliment the men on their tabards. "Pika!!" he cried and closed his eyes, bracing for impact. The barrier splintered and the van shot through into Vermillion city, Hitman Chan now on the roof and slowly clawing his way towards the drivers cabin.

Back at the road block, the two policement picked themselves out of the dirt.

"Well, the tabards didn't work,"
"No, I'm disappointed really,"
"Maybe we need something with more stopping power?"
"You mean like a whistle?"
"Ooh! A whistle and maybe some kind of orange baton!"
"I'll phone the boss!"

Will Pikachu be able to stop the van in time? Will Hitman Chan make it to the cabin before our heroes can make it to our other heroes? Will the police get their new equipment or will they be hampered by crippling underfunding, financial mismanagement and lack of stock due to the high demand for whistles and orange batons? FIND OUT IN CHAPTER TWENTY SIX