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Tales of the Lexicon

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Posted 29 July 2005 - 02:36 AM

Crispin Otaki awoke with a start. This was the third time he'd fallen asleep working at the lab. He peeled his research papers from his face and placed them on his desk. “I never used to be this tired” he thought. “Must be getting old”. Crispin had been working as a research associate for the Yamucci Corporation for seven years now. The corporation was the most powerful to have grown out of the ashes of old Asia after the great catastrophy. It's detractors claimed that Yamucci corp. had far too much power, that it had become bigger than the feeble crippled “government” that struggled to establish itself at the beginning of the Apocalypse era and that no one could control it. Otaki knew that this was of course the case, but the fact remained that if it wasn't for for the company and the determination of it's founder Hiru Iwamoto, the east would never have recovered from the disaster. It was for this reason, quite aside from the lack of any real alternatives that he'd had no qualms accepting his placement when a YC recruitment squad had come for him.
Unfortunately, Otaki's line of work had been branded top secret by the corporation, and as such not even he knew where his lab was. He and his research team lived and worked in the same complex, under the watchful eye of the director, the YC developed Artificial intelligence that had been running the company since the death of Iwamoto-san.
“You fell asleep again.” with a jump, Otaki turned around. He'd forgotten Sarah Pirello had been working with him last night. She was a fairly plain looking girl in her early thirties, of European descent with slightly frizzy brown hair reaching just below her shoulders, and deep blue eyes that Otaki often fantasized simply getting lost in for hours on end.
“I'm sorry.” He said. “Hope I didn't miss anything too exciting?” She chuckled.
“I'm afraid not. We lost the containment field again, but only for a few seconds. We didn't lose any samples.”
“Nice to see it's getting more effective. I must thank Sammi for reprogramming it. Did you go ahead with the experiment without me?
“I tried, but that's what caused the field malfunction. Simply put, the samples absorbed the graviton energy and directed it at the containment field itself, causing a small EMP that knocked out the generator. You know, I swear these things are alive, Cris.”
“Sarah, how many times must we go through this? They're rocks! Unusual rocks, yes, but rocks nonetheless. Rocks can't think. It's your paranoia playing tricks.”
“I guess you're right. It's just with everything that we've seen, I can't come to any other conclusion. I mean, we know that there's a component of these rocks which exists outside of our dimension, there could be anything happening on the other side...”
“And that's what we're trying to find out, is it not?” Otaki interrupted. “now come on. How can we improve the experiment?”

It took them an hour, but between them, Sarah and Crispin had managed to set up a better test rig to test the sample. They now had two protective fields in place, one to prevent the sample disappearing, as demon giblets tended to do under scrutiny, a phenomenon that no one knows the causes of, and another to reflect the graviton particles back onto the sample so that it's irradiated long enough for measurements to be taken. “Remind me why we're using gravitons?” Otaki asked.
“You are getting old!” Sarah giggled, but stopped when she realised she'd hit a nerve. “Gravitons are the only particles that exist between dimensions. Thats why experiments into travelling across dimensions that YC spies believed the NAC were undertaking prior to the sinking of America used gravitons. We're using them on the demon giblets in the hope that they'll react with the part of the gems that exist in a dimension parallel to our own, and from there we can check what it's made of by examining the resulting radiation!” She smiled and tilted her head slightly in the playful way she had that Crispin loved. “We're all set to begin the experiment, but I think it'd be rude if we didn't wait for Paulo first, his shift's due to begin in another five minutes!”

Sure enough, four minutes fourty seven seconds later, Paulo Bertini walked through the door. He was a fairly muscular man, although you wouldn't think it to look at him. He had thick black hair and big horn rimmed glasses. He had always reminded Crispin of the stereotypical scientist geek that never went outside. What really killed him, apart from his partnership to Sarah was that he couldn't be farther from it. Fit, intelligent and on the ball, he was  everything Crispin could only have dreamed of, now that he was approaching fifty. As Paulo gave Sarah a kiss, Crispin began to wish he hadn't given into Sarah's request to wait for him. “Morning Dr.Otaki!”
“What? Oh, yes. Hello Paulo. Good sleep, I trust?”
“Well, not really. I always find it hard to sleep without my Sary Bear!” Paulo and sarah exchanged looks, and giggled. The resentment in Crispins heart was almost unbearable.
“Let's get on with the experiment then. Paulo, while you were off enjoying yourself, Sarah and I were busy perfecting the test rig for the graviton experiment. We'd like to perform the experiment before we finish our shifts.” Crispin made his way to one of the consoles to run a simulation.
“(He fell asleep again, poor thing. All this research is really taking it's toll on him)” Sarah whispered. Paulo nodded his head in agreement. In truth- he couldn't care less. They'd had a falling out a month ago when Crispin learned of Sarah's relationship with him, and completely flipped out, saying “It's not practical to date at work” and “Professionals should have more important things on their minds!”. Suffice to say, their relationship had yet to recover.
“Sarah, if you'd be so good as to start the rotors, I can bring the Gravispectrometer online and hold it there until the sample is placed.”
“No problem Crispin.” Sarah moved over to the power console and flicked the switch. In the centre of the laboratory, a good ten metres away from the control area, the towering sample chamber's upper half began to rotate. “Rotors holding at 10,500 RPM with a deviation of five RPM. All diagnostics complete, results nominal.”
“Gravispectrometer online, startup tests ok. Powering up containment fields... Done! Paulo, could you make yourself useful and place the sample for us, please?” With a slight grumble, Paulo obeyed the doctor's request, and donned his protective clothing. He'd done this procedure hundreds of times before. The progress Yamucci Corporation had made into the research of demon giblets was minimal, despite being one of the best funded research projects the company undertook. Despite this, it was well known that Yamucci was the world leader in such research, and as he finished changing and lifted the sample, he took pride in the thought that he was on the cutting edge. He placed the the small purple stone in it's receptacle, and retreated to the safety of the control area.
“Bringing the graviton source online in three... two... one... Gaviton source active and emitting.”
“Gravispectrometer reads null. Increase power.”
“Bringing gaviton source to 80% capacity.” A beam of blue light shot out towards the control area, as it had done during the last experiment. It was quickly reflected back by the new field onto the sample.
“I'm still not getting any reading. Increase power to one hundred percent.”
“But we've never pushed the graviton emitter to full power!” Sarah protested. “It'll be too unstable, and that's only on the stock systems. With our modified rig...”
“Stop wasting time, and JUST DO IT!” Crispin shouted. It was most unlike him. “We've only got three more minutes before we have to shut down, and we must get some readings!” Sarah, taken aback at the doctor's outburst, did immediately as she was told in silence.

“Good, I'm getting something back!” Crispin said excitedly. Everyone! Get over and see this!” Sarah and Paulo rushed over to the station Crispin had been working. On the monitor, it was clear that the extra power had done a world of good. The results were not as expected, however:
“I don't understand. I'm seeing Oxygen, Nitogen, Carbon dioxide... All in gaseous form! There's no way the sample can contain this kind of material!” Sarah exclaimed.
“Of course not, my dear. What we are seeing is the other side of the Demon Giblet. Another dimension. We're seeing a breathable atmosphere in another dimension!” Crispin was filled with awe in his voice as the readout became clearer. In fact, the whole team was so transfixed by what, to be fair, was such an amazing discovery in human history that none of them noticed the growing red glow emanating from the sample chamber. Paulo was the first to notice, but by that time it was too late. In a blinding flash of red light, the demon giblet exploded.
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