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Haunted House Game 4: Haunt Hard with a Vengeance

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#1 The House

The House

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Posted 03 August 2009 - 09:18 AM

Lord Ernest Cadwaller was always an eccentric. But when he disappeared into the forest fifteen years ago, it took you, one of his closest confidants, by surprise. He hated insects, he had always said, and indeed spent most of his time avoiding the outdoors - in libraries, laboratories and halls of academia. But his last, cryptic message had outlined a deeper motive: it seemed that his greater fear was that of the unliving.

It has been fifteen years since you heard from him, but today, a carriage arrived for you, bearing his seal. This, too, was perplexing; he had put aside all of the trappings of his family name when he fled into the woods, and his estate had been whittled down by speculators to a mere pittance in the interim. But apparently, he had once again achieved resources. You shrug; even fifteen long years, and a putative madness, cannot erase the bonds of friendship that once existed between you. You board the carriage, which sets a course for Cadwaller Manor.

Some measure of role-play will be strongly encouraged. To this end, all Ladies and Gentlemen who are of a mind, kindly affix a brief outline of your Character below.

Hentzau - Heisenberg Cat
Jentastic! - Philharmonia Triangle
Kramer - Philbert Julian Cadweller, esq.
Strudel - Paulo Ribenboim
Lu-Tze - Benjamin Foggler
Smurf - Huw Edwards
I-Jim - Dr. James Nézbok
Masked Dave - Caterpie Trainer
Scuzz - William Goatpunch
Leafcutter - Hardly Dickens



Each day, the Ghosts attempt to tighten their grip on the House. The opening post will outline the physical manifestation that this dominion takes, and the players must then each propose ways of combating this menace.

At the same time as solutions are being proposed (but obviously not before any have been put forward), players can vote for the solution they most want to see enacted. Solutions should be somehow linked to the nature of the disturbance. Further, solutions put forward by each ghost throughout the game will have a common theme (selected by the GM, obviously with a great deal of care so it's not ridiculously simple and allows the ghosts some creativity).

A player may chose not to post a solution in order to gain later benefits, of which more below. Players may vote for solutions in all situations.

The Ghosts may elect, en masse, not to propose a solution in order to Ectoplasm (turn) a human player. That human player will become a ghost at the end of the night phase / beginning of the next day phase. The newly turned ghost WILL NOT be told who the other ghosts are. They will be told the theme that they have to adhere to. Thereafter, it is up to the existing ghosts if they want to get in contact.

The solution with the most votes at the end of the day wins.


The points are allocated to the individual player who put forward the solution, and thus to the team to whom they belong, by proxy. (In other words: if a player switches sides, they take their points with them.)


The GM enacts the solution. The players don't know whether it succeeds in ousting the ghosts (as it will if it's a human plan) or not. Because that would give the game away!


An exorcism may be performed by any player, provided that the exorcist has refrained from posting a solution on the day before their attempt. During the night phase, the exorcist must PM the GM with their request, along with a rationale, which will be incorporated into the opening post for the following day. The exorcism is then performed over the course of the day, with players voting either for or against it.

If the exorcism is successful then the exorcisee will be reset to human from the beginning of the following night phase. If the exorcism is voted down then it has no effect. Exorcisms may be proposed by either a human or a ghost, but a ghost may not exorcise and ectoplasm in the same turn.

If the exorcism was successful, and was performed:
by a human on a human - the exorcist has 3 points deducted at the end of the game.
by a human on a ghost - the exorcism costs nothing.
by a ghost on a human or a ghost - the exorcism costs 1 point.


The next day runs as the last day phase. The new manifestation will always arise from the solution the day before.

A sub-forum will be set up which will only be visible to a single class account, called GHOST ACCOUNTS. The ghosts may use these accounts to communicate with each other anonymously. One a ghost is turned back into a human, their ghost account will be taken from them and reset.


At some point, it will be announced that a epochal spirit-link temporal redistributor object has switched on. This heralds the end of the game, allowing whichever side has the greatest degree of control over the house to oust the other and claim victory.

From the point forward, any player may suggest using the radio as a solution to the daily manifestation. In order to win the day, the radio must receive a quorum of votes (i.e. more than 50% of the votes cast). If it wins, the day immediately ends. The radio has a failsafe device; no more than 2 ghosts may vote to use the radio at a time. If any more than 2 do so, then the radio will shut itself down for the day.

At this point, the scores will be tallied, and whichever team has the highest score will win. The ghosts start with a 2-point advantage.
It was an evil house from the beginning - a house that was born bad.

#2 Masked Dave

Masked Dave

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Posted 03 August 2009 - 01:03 PM

Name: Caterpie Trainer

Bio: Spends all day and night in the forest hunting for and raising Caterpies. The very forest that Lord Ernest Cadwaller had disappeared into, although not as far as he dared venture. Hates rock but is very good against Dark and Physic types.
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#3 Lu-Tze


    Amazing Dave

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Posted 03 August 2009 - 01:27 PM

Name: Benjamin Foggler

Bio: Pokes around in old attics looking for anything of value. Is fairly certain that the house contains enough bric and possibly some brac to auction off to buy a family holiday somewhere clichéd.
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#4 Kramer



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Posted 03 August 2009 - 02:19 PM

Name: Philbert Julian Cadweller, esq. (he will be accompanied by his maid, Cybil)

Bio: The newphew of Lord Cadweller and son of his estranged sister Lady Maude. Philbert was a sickly boy as a child, and was known to the servants of the household as "Litte Edward VI". Philbert was spoiled and pampered and used to having everything done for him. At the age of 18, he was still dressed in the morning and undressed at night by his nanny, who also did things such as cut his meat for him during meal times. He was educated at home and never had much contact with other children, there were no other men in the house as his father died in Africa when he was 2. Philbert is now 22 and living in a bachelor pad with a team of live-in maids who are about the same age as him and tender to his every need. He enjoys gossiping and talking about men with them and the maids often have fun dressing him up in fine silks and frilly lace, which he very much enjoys. Owing to this sheltered upbringing, he is convinced that "normal" people carry disease -- when he goes for walks his favourite maid, the buxom Cybil, covers his nose and mouth with a perfumed hankercheif. He has been known to faint into her arms on several occassions upon seeing "working men" covered in soot or grime. He is often taken for walks in a wheelchair so that he may rest under a blanket. He has been sent to the manor at the behest of his mother, Lady Maude, who, of course, point-blank refused to go. The reasons for why Lady Maude and her late brother did not speak for over 18 years remain a mystery ... a mystery that Philbert has absolutely no interest in uncovering.

#5 Hentzau


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Posted 03 August 2009 - 03:49 PM

Name: Heisenberg Cat.

Bio: Heisenberg Cat isn't sure where he is. Heisenberg Cat isn't sure how fast he's going. Heisenberg Cat isn't tall enough to see out of the windows of the carriage that was sent to collect him, so those first two properties are slightly more mundane than usual, but Heisenberg Cat still isn't sure why he's been summoned to Caldwell Manor. Heisenberg Cat has an intimate knowledge of quantum physics and the ability to be in several places simultaneously as long as nobody actually looks at him while making cutesy noises. These qualities may come in useful while exploring a haunted manor.

#6 Inflammable Jim

Inflammable Jim

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Posted 03 August 2009 - 04:33 PM

Name: Dr. James Nézbok

Bio: The good doctor hails from Hungary, where he spent his early life in a will-they, won't-they series of romantic hijinks. After they did, he gained his doctorate in chemistry at Budapest University, though some of the experiments he performed are now locked away and he does not speak of them beyond admitting to occasional schizophrenia. Of late he's been serving in the Hungarian police force, where his adventures have gotten progressively grittier and more real. He inexplicably has a Northern Irish accent.
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#7 Scuzz


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Posted 03 August 2009 - 05:38 PM

Name: William Goatpunch

Bio: William Goatpunch used to work as Lord Cadwaller's gardener. His unusual surname apparently stems from an unfortunate incedent involving his grandfather who was once also the groundskeeper of Cadwaller Manor. While his parents did think it would be amusing to name their son William with their surname it would be ill advised to call him Billy.
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#8 Schtroumpf


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Posted 03 August 2009 - 08:35 PM

Name: Huw Edwards

Bio: Huw Edwards, the cheeky Welsh broadcaster, has been living in Victorian times for the last 20 years after he was punched in the head by Sophie Raworth.  Has he actually travelled back in time or is he in a coma?  Huw hopes this trip will give him some answers.

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#9 Strudel the Dancing Pastry

Strudel the Dancing Pastry

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Posted 03 August 2009 - 09:26 PM

Name: Paulo Ribenboim

Bio: A mathematician living in Ontario, Canada, he is insane, and refers to people by numbers. His most famous book is titled "My Numbers, My Friends" and here follows the Preface:


Dear Friends of Numbers:
This little book is for you. It should offer an exquisite intellectual enjoyment, which only relatively few fortunate people can experience. May these essays stimulate your curiosity and lead you to books and articles where these matters are discussed at a more technical level. I warn you, however, that the problems treated, in spite of being easy to state, are for the most part very difficult. Many are still unsolved. You will see how mathematicians have attacked these problems. Brains at work! But do not blame me for sleepless nights (I have mine already). Several of the essays grew out of lectures given over the course of years on my customary errances. Other chapters could, but probably never will, become full-sized books. The diversity of topics shows the many guises numbers take to tantalise and to demand a mobility of spirit from you, my reader, who is already anxious to leave this preface. Not go to page 1 (or 127?).

Spins and turns, angles and curves. The shape of dreams, half remembered. Slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of perfection - a perfect face, perfect lace.
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#10 Leafcutter



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Posted 04 August 2009 - 12:49 PM

Name: Hardly Dickens

Bio: An unpublished hack writer, fresh from a Broadstairs boarding house. He loads a heavy suitcase into the carriage, brimming with the scrawled notes and wild sketches of his incoherent magnum opus. On the long journey to Cadwaller Manor, he leafs through a dusty copy of The Essays of Henry Thomas Cadwaller, inking coloured symbols in the margins.

#11 Jentastic!



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Posted 04 August 2009 - 06:46 PM

Name: Philharmonia Triangle

Bio: Child genius Philharmonia has built a career as the most talented conductor of the age. Wheresoe'er she waves her baton, a glorious wave of music follows. Able to charm sweet, sweet music out of the most talentless hack of a violinist, she has been known to turn snot-nosed street gangs into something resembling West Side Story. To cash in on her phenomenal success, she has even designed a range of triangles to complement the standard instrument. They come in isosceles, right angled, and scalene, among others. It's not the best of business models, but she is, after all, only twelve.
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#12 The House

The House

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 06:48 PM

Thank you.

The first Day thread will go up on Friday morning. Don't be late!
It was an evil house from the beginning - a house that was born bad.